Book “Physics: Fundamentals and Mechanical Motion”

Physics for all age groups, written in human terms with the coolest graphics and many interactive elements.

The first volume of a whole series is devoted to the basics of physics: from the fundamental concepts of mechanical motion to the energy conservation law. The 35 lessons of the book are based on the video lessons of the outstanding physicist, Odesa resident Pavlo Viktor, whose YouTube channel has more than 600,000 followers without a penny of advertising.

They say that teachers from other cities and towns often use his videos at their lessons if students cannot understand the subject.

This book is for those who want to understand physics and all the beauty of nature. It was published in Russian and Ukrainian in partnership with BookChef and Custom Lab. The chief editor of the book is Roman Sulima, CEO of Custom Lab.

Customer: Pavlo Victor
Modern textbook with graphics and interactive elements of 450 pages in Russian and Ukrainian
Accomplished works: Creating textual content based on YouTube lessons, working with the author, creating the concept of the book together with the publisher, control of layout and design